Controlling blood sugar




A number of people have posted success stories on the web about controlling Blood Glucose.  Some even claim to have been able to manage their diabetes without expensive medicine. It can work but will require diet and exercise, and regular medical checkups in addition to adding Cinnamon, Ranawara, Ginger, Pomegranate and other items to the diet.  In the case of this author exercise plus a daily intake of the following has reduced his A1C to 5.7  While success stories have been told it is wise to continue to monitor one's glucose and other vitals, and above all stick with a reasonable caloric intake and reasonable food and beverage intake. AND above all maintain medical checkups!


Here in Prattville the Win Dixie Pharmacy sells a Glucose Monitor at a very reasonable price and 50 test strips retail for $10.00.  The Pharmacy also provides Blood tests every three months to check A1C, Total Cholesterol and a variety of other tests.



Another Ayurveda Remedy is

Thebu Kola