Butterfly Pea Plant




Scientific name: Clitoria ternatea

Family name: FABACEAE


English name: Butterfly pea


Singhala name: Katarolu


Sanskrit name: Aparajita



 shorter than the leaves; 1-flowered; the flowers inverted, 3.5-6.5 cm long, the pedicels about 5 mm long; petals white to deeper shades of blue and purple, puberulent. Fruit 7-15 cm long, 6 mm wide, about 3 mm wide, 8-12 seeded. Seeds ovoid-oblong, about 6 mm long.



Health Benefits of Clitoria Ternatea


So far only some locals in the countries where this flower plant is originated like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are using this flower in daily basis. In those countries, the petals of the flower are used as natural food coloring while the other parts are used as traditional or herbal medications. Below is the list of health benefits of Clitoria ternatea you should know.


1.  Natural Remedy to Diuretic - It has been well known widely among Asian that Clitoria ternatea could be used home remedy to diuretic.


2.  Great for Digestion System - Due to its antibacterial properties, this flower could treat some digestion problems including food poisoning. Though further treatment from professional is still required.


3.  Used as Tonic to Treat Dementia - Some animal studies have shown how effective Clitoria ternatea in improving ability of a mouse in memorizing, so it is possible to treat dementia in human.


4. Home Remedy to Headache - Got problem with your headache but somehow you cannot consume painkiller; you donít need to worry because Clitoria ternatea could be used as home remedy to headache.


5.  Treats Asthma Naturally - Allergic reaction could be the trigger of asthma. However, some studies have shown the effectiveness of Clitoria ternatea in treat this condition.


6.  Could Act as Antidepressant - Depression is not an easy thing to deal with but at least Clitoria ternatea could help in reducing the worst of this condition.


7.  Improves Nervous System  - Nerve system has essential role in the whole body metabolism and amazingly Clitoria ternatea contains some compounds that are great to improve the function of nerve system. In other words, this flower is also great for brain.


8.  Solution to Irregular Period in Women  - Asian women must have known how great Clitoria ternatea is in helping them dealing with their irregular period issue. Moreover, this beautiful flower is also able to help dealing with some reproductive issues in women.


9.  Natural Remedy to Diabetes - One of the amazing health benefits of Clitoria ternatea is able to control the absorption of blood sugar so it could help in controlling the blood sugar level in diabetic patients.


10. Reduces the Risk of Cardiovascular Conditions - Conditions like heart attack, blood pressure and cholesterol could be reduced by Clitoria ternatea.


11.  Home Remedy to Light Cold - When it comes to light cold, instead of taking medicine is better for you to take Clitoria ternatea instead.


12.  Treats Insect Bites or Poisonous Bites of Snake - Among Asian people, poisonous bites of snake and insect could be treated naturally by this beautiful flower plant though seeing a doctor immediately is still highly recommended to prevent further issue.


Cautions of Clitoria Ternatea


Actually there are more health benefits of Clitoria ternatea because basically this flower plant is a magical home remedy widely used as part of Asian traditional home remedy since ancient times.


Talk to your doctor whenever you want to add home remedy to your current medication especially you who have been diagnosed with specific health issue like heart problem or diabetes.


As mentioned above this flower could be used to treat poisonous bites of snakes or insects but still to make sure no further problem, meeting a doctor is highly recommended.


Though this could act as therapeutic solution for depression but this mental condition cannot be taken lightly, talking to the professional is still strongly required.

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